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Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About this course

Al Balāgh Online ʿĀlimiyyah Programme, based on the traditional Dars-e-Nizāmi syllabus, is designed specifically and exclusively for professionals, university student graduates, those in professional academic roles and those who have approximately 3 years experience in any daʿwah, charity or Islamic social organisation. The purpose is to bridge the current gap that exists between traditional Muslim scholars and contemporary academics and professionals, as well as the gap that exists between classical Islamic sciences and contemporary advanced academic studies and scientific research.

This programme is completely online and is part-time, divided into four academic levels covering 15 essential traditional Islamic sciences at an advanced level.

The programme is unique in the sense that it will incorporate relevant contemporary Islamic literature coupled with relevant contemporary academic social, historical philosophical and scientific studies. The course will be delivered using a personal developmental, unique skills-focussed approach which will be guided through one-to-one mentorship

This is an advanced specialist programme that will train academics,professionals and passionate learners to achieve an in-depth grasp and understanding of the dynamic nature of the Islamic sciences, with their associated theological and jurisprudential roots, in handling issues related to modern sciences. The course will have an initial Ḥanafī school focus but will require scholars to be competent enough to be able to provide generic opinions from all sunnī schools of thought in the more advanced years. This is an excellent opportunity for interested individuals to be important drivers and enablers in the synergy of the Islamic tradition with modern sciences. Graduates will have an excellent opportunity to gain significant advantage in their future prospects having graduated with shahādah (certification) and ijāza (authorization) in a number of Islamic disciplines and classical texts from qualified traditional and renowned Muslim scholars and academics. They will be part of the international Muslim network of ʿUlama working in the domain of merging Islamic tradition with modern sciences.

What you will learn

  • Advanced Expertise in classical Islamic Text.
  • Specialised Knowledge in Contemporary Sciences and Islamic literature.
  • Research, Analytical Skills and the Application of Islamic tradition to Conventional and Contemporary Issues.
  • Personal, Professional Spiritual and Academic Skills Development.
  • Future leadership in the Islamic tradition.
  • Networking, Career Guidance and Internship.

Frequently asked questions

What if I am not able to attend LIVE sessions?

If, in any case, you miss attending LIVE session, you can catch up by watching the video recordings later at your convenient time. To get access to the video recordings, you should visit “myAlbalagh” by using your sign-in details. You can get access to “myAlbalagh” through your laptop, desktop or from your mobile.

When will I have access to the online course material?

Right after successful enrolment, you will get access to myAlbalagh which is our online learning portal where you can get access to the pre-course material. The course content will be released gradually after starting the course.

How to enrol in this course?

To Enrol in the course you need to visit our website course page and select Enrol Now

  • Start: 21st,May 2022
  • Duration: 6+ Months
  • Fees: £1200.00 £900.00 (Full Time)
  • Course Provider: Albalagh Academy
  • Program: 4-Levels
  • Language: English
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